From the February 2020 issue of Business North Carolina featuring Randy Ramsey in the publication’s Power 100 2020.

Beaufort-based Jarrett Bay Boatworks and Bluewater Yacht Sales have custom-built more than 100 boats and service more than 1,000 boats annually. The companies employ about 250 and don’t disclose financial details, but recent sales of individual boats have ranged from about $200,000 to more than $21 million.

Ramsey grew up in a fishing family, and he got his Coast Guard license to operate charters when he was 18. After graduating from community college in 1981, he learned banks wouldn’t lend him money to buy a charter boat, so he borrowed from two customers to build his own, the 52-foot Sensation. “Our company is the American dream but also the North Carolina dream,” he says. “We sprouted from very humble beginnings. After building my own boat, we built another for a working man and just continued in the business.”